Clinical Importance

Types of Tests

Getting Tested
-Who should be tested
-How often
-Viral Load Results

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Disease Progression

PCR Tutorial

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1. Shearer WT, Quinn TC, LaRussa P. Viral load and disease progression in infants with human immunodeficiency virus type I. New England Journal of Medicine 1997;126:946-54

2. Burns DN, Landersman S, Wright DJ et al. Influence of other maternal variables on the relationship between maternal virus load and mother-to-infant transmission of human imunodeficiency virus type 1. Journal of Infectious Disease 1997; 175: 1206-10


The AMPLICOR HIV-1 MONITOR™ Test is approved by the FDA for prognosis and patient management. Claims for assessing risk of transmission or progression of the disease in babies or pregnant women have not been established or approved for this test.


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