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Demonstration of fusion inhibition

From here you can view short animations featuring the HIV life cycle, cell entry and mode of action of fusion inhibitors.The animations require Windows Media Player to be installed on your computer. The latest version may be obtained by clicking the button, "Download Windows Media Player" below.

This animation is streamed over the Internet and, as such, quality is dependent on specification of your computer, speed of your connection to the Internet and also the amount of general Internet traffic. In case of problems in viewing this animation you may want to try again at another time.

Alternatively you can download the individual compressed animations by clicking on the appropriate button below. These compressed files should take less than 5 minutes each to download (based on 56K modem connection, depending on traffic). Click on the button and follow the on-screen instructions.



  HIV lifecycle
  Fusion and cell entry
  Attachment inhibition
  Co-receptor inhibition
  Fusion inhibition


Registered physicians can also obtain a copy of the animation on CD ROM (subject to availability). Please contact your local Roche affiliate for further information. Since this CD contains information for physicians only, proof of eligibility may be required.


Download Windows Media Player

Printed on 10/11/07