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2nd IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment, 13th July 2003
Masters of ART - Roche Satellite Symposium Invitation
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1. Introduction by Francoise Brun-Vezinet
2. The role of nelfinavir in HIV/HCV co-infected patients, Doug Dieterich
3. Novel treatment strategies using boosted saquinavir, Cal Cohen
4. Advancing protease inhibitor-treatment to meet changing patient needs, Anton Pozniak
5. New analyses to further define the clinical profile of enfuvirtide, Joep Lange
6. Achieving optimal patient outcome with enfuvirtide, James Witek
7. Final remarks and close, Anton Pozniak
6th International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection (HIV6) Glasgow, 2002
1. Invitation to Roche Satellite Symposium
2. Roche Satellite Symposium Abstract Book
3. Introduction by Ceppy Merry
4. A tailored fit - Viracept and the requirements of defined patient populations - Sharon Walmsley
5. Measuring up - Clinical performance of boosted saquinavir in diverse treatment groups - David Cooper
6. Will it suit me? The importance of safety and patient acceptance to long-term success - Anton Pozniak
XIV International AIDS Conference, Barcelona 7-12 July 2002
View Symposium Abstract Book - From ART to SMART
View Symposium Abstract Book - Pushing the Limits
ART to SMART Symposium Slides, Barcelona 7 July 2002
Fortovase: Maximizing power, improving safety, Sharon Walmsley
Power to the people, Jonathan Schapiro
Safety and long-term success of HAART, Mike Youle
Viracept: Confidence of long-term control, Joseph Gathe
Pushing the Limits Symposium Slides, Barcelona, 9 July 2002
Going the difference: extending the usefulness of RT/PCR, Thomas Myers
Performance indicators: the predictive and clinical value of HIV-1 quantitive proviral DNA assays, Christine Rouzioux
Raising the standards: improving the sensitivity of viral load testing, Brooks Jackson
Tracking global diversity: viral subtypes and their implications for HIV viral load and resistance testing, Clive Loveday
SMART Living, Lausanne, 19 - 21 April 2002
Saquinavir Newsletter: Recent developments in antiretroviral therapy
Viracept Newsletter: Selecting and optimizing first line therapy
Fifth International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection, Glasgow 22-26 October 2000: SMART Living - Strategic Moves in AntiRetroviral Therapy
View Satellite Symposium Abstract Booklet
XIII International AIDS Conference, Durban 9-14 July 2000
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