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The vision of Roche Diagnostics is to continuously improve patient care with innovative, cost-effective, timely and reliable diagnostic systems for the in-vitro diagnostic market, the patient self-monitoring sector and the research community.

This vision is founded on the adherence to three main ideologies:

  • Depth and breadth of technologies
  • Customer delight
  • Best in industry performance

The commitment of Roche Diagnostics is based on unparalleled experience and extensive knowledge, which creates a fully-integrated approach to innovation and health management world-wide.

Through its long-term commitment to helping laboratories improve the products and services they offer, Roche Diagnostics develops and manufactures reagents and instruments used for early, rapid and accurate disease diagnosis, as well as delivering a broad range of products to facilitate medical research in today’s most important avenues of exploration – molecular biology, cell biology and immunology, genetics, oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and others. The technology is also fueling important advances in food, cosmetics, forensics, skin care and numerous other areas.


Research and Development

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