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Use of AMPLICOR« in development of new drugs

The use of AMPLICORÔ PCR Products to measure viral load markers provides a much easier, quicker and more efficient way for drug efficacy to be compared in clinical trials. Clinical endpoint trials for HIV and HCV are impractical. The value of viral load monitoring is that it provides a surrogate endpoint for more rapid assessment of efficacy. Viral load monitoring also enables rapid assessment of new treatments.

The AMPLICOR HIV-1 MONITORń test is vitally important in the development of new drugs, as it is used consistently in trials for both viral load testing and evaluation of new treatments. Clinical studies of this type therefore enable doctors to make calculated decisions about the efficacy of different HIV treatments and determine strategies and combinations of drugs which should be developed in the future.

The range of AMPLICORÔ PCR products meet the different needs of clinicians and patients and are flexible enough to suit the resources of varied laboratories.

Rapid diagnosis leading to faster intervention with correct treatment is therefore an important improvement to patient care and management. In the case of TB, traditional testing sometimes took several weeks to provide results compared to AMPLICORÔ M. tubercolosis which can diagnose patients within days.

Roche Diagnostic tests have been developed for a wide range of disease causing organisms, which are associated with significant human illness and treatment costs.



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