AMPLICOR® Testing Method
-Taking A Blood Sample
-In the Laboratory
-How Long Does It Take
-Receiving Results

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How Long Does It Take? Next

The time it takes to carry out many patient viral load tests will vary depending on the factors such as:

  • the laboratory (size, number of staff, equipment)
  • the number of samples being sent to the laboratory
  • the way in which the laboratory schedules its work, for example running certain tests only on specific days

It has been estimated that in a modern, well run laboratory viral load testing should take around 6 to 7 hours from starting to prepare the sample to obtaining the result.

For the complete test process, additional time needed will include the time:

  • taken to get the blood sample to the laboratory (particularly if this is some distance away)
  • during which the sample is stored in the laboratory
  • taken to send/inform the doctor of the test result
  • between obtaining a test result and the individual’s next appointment with the doctor


Receiving Results

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