AMPLICOR® Testing Method
-Taking A Blood Sample
-In the Laboratory
-How Long Does It Take
-Receiving Results

PCR Tutorial

Receiving Results

The viral load test results will be sent to the physician. Results from AMPLICOR HIV-1 MONITOR™ are reported as RNA copies / mL blood plasma. Viral load is equivalent to the number of HIV viral particles in the blood of an HIV positive individual.

New viral load measurements are compared to previous results, if a test has been taken before, and the log of these two values calculated. Log values are used to reflect the changes in viral load.

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Viral load test results are an important tool in helping individuals with HIV and their doctors monitor HIV disease, its progression and review current therapies. Viral load results can give an insight into how effective therapies are for an individual and whether resistance to drugs may be developing, which may necessitate a change in current medications.

The decision to start or change anti-HIV therapies must be taken by HIV positive individuals in consultation with their doctor following a review of general health, viral load, CD4 cell count, previous therapies and other factors.

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