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Many people with HIV are currently receiving HIV triple therapy. Triple therapy, as the name suggests, involves taking three types of anti-HIV drugs together. These drugs are a combination of the different types of anti-HIV therapies ie. reverse transcriptase inhibitors, protease inhibitors, non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors. They work against HIV in different ways with the result that they stop HIV replication as much as possible.

Some regimens will require more planning ahead than others, while certain regimens will suit one lifestyle but not another (Table 2). Regimens can become even more complex when an individual also has to take other drugs for medical conditions or opportunistic infections. Before you start treatment your doctor can help you work out a treatment plan that suits you.

Table 2: Comparison between four proven triple therapy regimens highlighting the need for daily planning

This table compares four commonly prescribed, proven triple therapy regimens, demonstrating how different drug schedules make specific demands on the individuals adhering to them. While drug regimens should be taken into account, individuals should make therapy choices in discussion with their physician.

Coping Strategies