AMPLICOR® Testing Method
-Taking A Blood Sample
-In the Laboratory
-How Long Does It Take
-Receiving Results

PCR Tutorial


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What is the AMPLICOR HIV-1 MONITOR™ Test?   What does it measure?

The AMPLICOR HIV-1 MONITOR™ is a laboratory test kit that can measure the amount of HIV-1 RNA in human plasma. The amount of HIV in the blood is called the "viral load". The AMPLICOR HIV-1 MONITOR™ test uses a technology called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to measure very small amounts of genetic material, known as RNA, that is contained inside the HIV virus particle.

In the Laboratory


There are a few steps involved in carrying out an AMPLICOR HIV-1 MONITOR™ viral load test which takes us from the doctor’s office to the laboratory and back again.

Having an AMPLICOR HIV-1 MONITOR™ viral load test can be broken down into three stages:

  • Taking a blood sample
  • Carrying out the viral load test in the laboratory
  • Receiving the results

Taking A Blood Sample

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