The Importance of Adherence

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Coping Strategies
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Coping Strategies


Keeping to the Treatment Schedule
If you are having difficulty in keeping to your treatment schedule, try to work out what your particular problems are. This will help you to overcome your tendency to forget to take your drugs. Here are a few ways of coping:

  • try to have a more regular lifestyle - remembering is easier if you can keep to some sort of routine
  • try to keep to your dietary routine, so you know you can take each different medicine with the right kind of food
  • use a watch alarm or bleeper to remind you when to take your medicines
  • try and make a plan for the day every morning,
    linking taking your medicines with an event eg. meeting someone. This will help you to remember and may also help you to identify possible schedule "clashes"
  • if you feel ambivalent about taking the drugs, because you feel better without them or because you are worried about long-term effects, remind yourself why you need to take them

If you forget...
Don’t panic if you forget to take you medicines once or twice. But if you often forget, your doctor or other staff at your treatment centre can suggest ways of helping you to remind yourself. They can also help you to work out a treatment schedule. Don’t be afraid to ask.

The Way Ahead?