The Importance of Adherence

Factors Influencing Adherence

Measuring Adherence

HIV Therapy Adherence

Adherence Issues

Coping Strategies
- Keeping to the Treatment Schedule
- The Way Ahead?

Adherence Taskforce



Coping Strategies


The Way Ahead?
PWA-groups, individuals with HIV / AIDS, and healthcare professionals are trying to develop ideas to help people taking anti-HIV therapy to stick with their drug regimens. Some of the ideas include:

  • "regimen trial runs" - testing an anti-HIV therapy regimen by having a trial run using vitamin tablets as a replacment for HIV drugs. "Trial runs" allow people to find out if the regimen will suit their lifestyle, or if they can adapt to it, before they start taking anti-HIV therapy

  • "regimen buddies"- people taking anti-HIV therapy will buddy other people considering the same therapy option. Buddies will offer their experience of the regimen and also help partners through the difficult times with practical advice and personal support

  • dietitian counselling, so people can get practical advice on coping with adherence issues related to food

Adherence Taskforce